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Vision et mission
Permettre aux familles de profiter de repas de haute qualité, savoureux et nutritifs

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Chez Global Gourmet, nous croyons en l'autonomisation
personnes ayant la possibilité de fournir un excellent
expérience de repas pour leurs amis et leur famille.
Nos options de repas abordables restaurant rival
qualité avec une gamme d'Aavors provenant du monde entier. Parce qu'après tout, la vie est un peu plus délicieuse
quand vous le partagez.

About Us

Global Gourmet Foods was founded in 1988 by Anne and Lawrence Hill with a mission of providing “Quality Food from People Who Care”™. This mantra has been the guiding principle throughout Global Gourmet’s history.  As it turns out, our Customers have appreciated the sincere efforts of Global Gourmet to make high quality products with a focus on quality, integrity and Customer service.


Today Global Gourmet ships across Canada, the USA and into Japan with both Global Gourmet branded and private label kettle products made from our highly efficient HACCP facilities in Richmond BC, Canada.  Global Gourmet services multi unit chain restaurants, institutions, Supermarket service deli, frozen retail and Club stores.

Super Health Food

We care about:

International flavour, nutritional excellence, culinary versatility.

Global Gourmet is the premier custom processor of ready to serve soups, sauces and entrees in Western Canada. We are known for flexible yet efficient production systems and talented R&D staff. We are proud of our high quality, consistent product and order fill rates which are among the highest in the industry.

Our Advantage

Global Gourmet Foods is the premier processor of kettle products in Western Canada. Our unique processing facilities which allow for the in-house processing of fresh local vegetables, rich stocks, sautéed meats and vegetables and traditional rouxs enable us to execute exacting recipes from the discerning Executive Chefs in the same way Chef would do on a stovetop.

Our culinary and production capabilities combined with our experience and access to exciting flavours and raw materials from Asia results in fantastic signature soups, sauces and entrees.

Custom Recipes

Global Gourmet Foods is very experienced in custom processing and has done hundreds of proprietary products, some of which have been featured in Bon Appétit and been served at the famous James Beard house.  Customers typically come to Global with a request to create a new product idea, duplicate a recipe that they are currently making in-house or, create a product that duplicates a sample provided.

Global works with the Customer to develop the product in stovetop batches and generate idea pricing. Once a product is approved by the Customer, a small production batch is done. Once that has been evaluated and it has been determined if any adjustments are required, full scale production commences. During this process, Global must perform many tasks which include the validation and approval of any potential new suppliers of ingredients, obtain label approval from CFIA for any meat based products, prepare product specification forms, register ECCC net and incorporate product procedures into HACCP plan.

Pourquoi nous choisir

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Pasta Sauces

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