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Image by Monika Stawowy

Our Capabilities 



Global produces all products in three processing facilities located in BC Canada.

2 facilities in Richmond

1 facility in Surrey

Checking the Temperature

Processing Capabilities


  • In-house control of processing of vegetables and stocks

  • Separate cooking vessels for stocks, roux, and sautéing

  • High speed packaging of soups and sauces in pouches in form-fill machines from 1 kg to 5 kg

  • Immediate chilling in chill lines bringing temperature from 80°C to 4°C (176°F -39°F) very quickly

  • State of the art Vertical Form Fill packaging as well as Multivac (Thermoform) packaging

  • Metal detection and X-ray used on all pouches prior to boxing

  • Food service private label capabilities


Research and Development Team

Global works with the Customer to develop the product in stovetop batches and generate idea pricing. Once a product is approved by the Customer, a small production batch is done. Once that has been evaluated and it has been determined if any adjustments are required, full scale production commences.

Cooking Advantage

• Make our own vegetable, chicken and beef stocks on site.
• Render our own fats.
• Sautee our own vegetables and meats to ensure they are perfectly cooked.
• Gluten Free Capabilities.
• On-site test kitchen for our customers to work directly with our culinary team.

Image by Calum Lewis

Packaging Capabilities

  • Standard pouches

  • Gusseted pouches

  • Pouches in full color boxes

  • Thermoform packaging

  • Tray sealing

  • Refrigerated extended fresh shelf life between 30 -90 days

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